Used in the shop today

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Just did a small purchase of an estate sale last evening, and thought I would send it out before I put it on the internet….
This week, a subject was brought up from a couple of customers about Sandy, who used to work at the old shop, rumor had it that him and I were not working together any more…. well, yesterday Sandy and I had a good laugh about it……. let me take this chance to “splain” things….. When we closed the shop, both Sandy and I did an almost “retired” thing…… we moved the surf and gun shop to the lower level of our house, and at the same time, Sandy moved his repair business to his house. Sandy is doing about 90% of all the gun repairs for the shop, and in fact, he just finished a couple of old Winchester model 12’s for a customer, and I can say, they are beautiful! And work like new! So, if you need some gunsmithing done, give us a call, and if you happen to stop by the cove early in the morning, you might see him having his morning coffee…… One thing he doesn’t want to do anymore is fix dings on surfboards! I will still be doing some of that here…….

Old Peters 30 carbine ammo, was kept dry, no corrosion….. $15 a box…..

A real nice Universal “US Carbine”, .30 cal, made in Florida around 61 or 62, early serial number #5440, in excellent condition. In the Early days, Universal used US Surplus parts in building their Carbines, this one looks like the bolt, bayonet sleeve, rear sight and trigger housing are all US Army Surplus. Comes with the Canvas bag, a US Military Canvas magazine holder, 4-15rd mags, 3-30 rd mags….. $695…..

Like New Harrington & Richardson 12Ga. single shot $95

The Canvas Mag Pouch and Magazines for the M-1 carbine

Nice little Italian made pocket gun….. Gales-Brescia .25 auto, with case and ammo excellent condition $125

Top view of the Carbine….