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Used Guns



Jemama Dreams Ltd.,  DBA  Cannon Beach Surf & Mercantile



 Hours:  Monday – Saturday 9a to 4:30pm,   Closed on Sunday

Call us at 503-436-0475

but , don’t be surprised when we answer the phone

“Cannon Beach Surf”…….

Just ask for Mark


Mark & Sandy  are certified Glock Armorers, so bring in your Glock for a check up, servicing or repair.

If you would like to receive emails on specials and updates, send us a request via email, and we will add you to the list!

Gun Owner Transfers  $25

Be sure and ask about our LE and Military Discounts!

We are a Glock “Blue Label” Dealer!

We also represent Smith & Wesson and Sig Sauer

LE and Military Sales!


If you are a Military buyer, please be sure and bring with you

your ID, and Travel Orders.  If you are living off base, bring

in a utility bill or other mail with your address on it.

(If you don’t have an Oregon ID)

We welcome special orders!!

Page last updated on 10-23-21

Smith & Wesson model 629-1, 44 Magnum, Stainless, in excellent condition…….


Yugoslavian Zastava model M57,  7.62X25 Tokarov.   5 magazines and 200 rounds of Ammo!


Auto Ordnance 1911,  .45acp, with 4 magazines and leather holster,  about 1983,  Excellent Condition!


Ruger MKIII, .22LR, upgrades with 4-10rd magazines and BSA Red Dot  Excellent Condition!


Smith & Wesson model 10  .38special, 6 shot, 4″ barrel  Police Special


Smith & Wesson Model 10-5,  .38sp., 4″ barrel, 6 shots, nice tight action, made 73/74


Ruger SP101, LE Trade in,  .38sp, stainless,  5 shot


Taurus model 82, .38sp,  6 shot.  Just went through this revolver for a thorough cleaning…


Glock Gen 3, model 35, .40S&W with 4 15rd mags and night sights


Star  (Spain) model 1911, 9mm with one 8 rd magazines,   excellent condition


Ruger P94, 9mm, all steel frame,  4-15rd magazines and 2 holsters, excellent condition …


CZ  P10  F,  9mm, with threaded barrel and Suppressor sights, and 2-18rd magazines, Excellent condition!


Ruger LCP, .380, with 2-6rd magazines,  excellent condition!


High Standard “Sport King”, made mid 50’s, .22LR Semi Auto (shoots great!),  3-10rd magazines


H&R Arms, model 922, made from 1949-1952,  9 shot double action / single action revolver


Hopkins & Allen .38 short, XL, Top Break revolver.   made from 1901-1907,  Good shooter!!


H&R,  Young American Double Action  .32 5 shot revolvler    Made from 1897 – 1904  Another fun shooter!


H&R  “The American” Double Action, .38 short… early 1900’s


H&R American, “Double Action”,  .32    Early 1900’s


Stag Arms, Tactical 15, 5.56 /.223, with upgraded Grip , butt stock and charging handle.   Magpul flip up sights

 Timney Trigger…..Like NEW!


Rossi  “R92”, Stainless, .44mag, 10 shot magazine, in like new condition, stainless


Norinco Mak-90…Sporter  Excellent condition!!  7.62X39  with 8 magazines


Eddystone, model 1917, sporterized, 30-06 with  Pacific peep sight, excellent!   Made in Jan. 1918


Garaysar “Fear 116”,  12ga, semi auto, 2-5rd magazines, flip up sights, adj. chokes, hard case

Excellent Condition!


Enfield,  British .303, 1944 No. 4,  Mk 1, Sporterized, good shooter!


Mauser Modelo Argentino 1891, Manufactura, Loewe, Berlin…. 7mm, very nice!


Winchester model 77, 10rd Magazine, semi auto, .22LR, made in 1958

with a new Konus 4X32 Scope!


J Stevens “Crackshot 26”,  .22 single shot…. made from the  1890’s to the early 1900’s   Fun to shoot!


J Stevens, Double Barrel 16ga,  made around 1923 to 30, and still shoots good!


Remington model 1893, 12ga, “side cocking”  single shot, made between 1893 and 1903

I have fired this gun… fun.. kicks like a mule! LOL


Olympia, 12ga, single shot, Made by WH Davenport Arms from 1896-1905, this one was made around 1905.


J Stevens, 12ga, single shot gun, made in the 1920’s


Crescent Arms 12ga, “Victor” model, single shot, these were made from1892-1935


Lakefield 64B, Canadian, 22LR Semi Auto, nice plinker!!   Savage parts are interchangeable…..

With a Tasco “Pronghorn” Scope


Mossberg model 42M-C, .22 S/L/LR with 2-10rd mags, and manlicher style stock

No serial number, but this model was made from 1947-1948


Mossberg model 151KA,  .22LR,  Semi Auto, Tube Fed magazine, excellent condition,  made from 1961-1968


Carcano, WW2, Italian Rifle, 7.35mm


Assorted Military Surplus Items


Bayonet for the M-1 Garand…….


Spanish Bayonet



2- Complete and operational TA-312/PT  two wire, battery operated field telephone

With wire and an extra “parts” phone

These were used from 1950 to 1990


One operational TA-1 /PT Field Telephone

can be interfaced with the other 2 field phones


WW2 , Garand ammo Belt


WW2 / Korean Waar Gun cases, canvas

$20 each