Used Guns

Used Guns


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Mark & Sandy  are certified Glock Armorers, so bring in your Glock for a check up, servicing or repair.

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Gun Owner Transfers  $25

Be sure and ask about our LE and Military Discounts!

We are a Glock “Blue Label” Dealer!

We also represent Smith & Wesson

LE and Military Sales!


If you are a Military buyer, please be sure and bring with you

your ID, and Travel Orders.  If you are living off base, bring

in a utility bill or other mail with your address on it.

(If you don’t have an Oregon ID)

We welcome special orders!!

Page last updated on 11-24-18

Ruger Mark III, .22LR, with one 10rd magazine.  very slightly used!


Ruger “American”  .45acp

excellent condition, with 1-10rd and 1-6 rd magazine


Ruger 22/45 Lite, .22LR, 2-10rd magazines, upgraded glow sights, upgraded trigger system,

threaded Barrel,  VERY NICE!


Ruger Black Hawk  .357mag,  made in 1967

Sandy just went through this gun, and mechanically it is excellent!!


Sig Sauer P226, .40S&W, excellent condition!

2-12rd magazines      $600

Used Glock 26 , 9mm with 2-10rd mag’s and 1-33rd magazine and Crimson Trace Laser


Used Glock 23, .40S&W, with 1-13rd magazine


Glock 21, Gen 4, .45acp

1-13rd magazine, no case, night sights, excellent condition !


Glock 22, Gen 1 or 2, .40S&W, with 3-15 rd magazines, LE trade in.


High Standard “Double Nine”  .22,  9 shot revolver with holster and ammo


Zastava M57 Tokarev,  1-9rd magazine  with 1224 rounds of 7.62 X 25 ammo


Ruger LC9 with Laser Max sights, in excellent condition, 9mm, 2-7rd mags


Century Arms, “AKMS” 7.62X39 Paratrooper with folding stock, 1-30rd mag


DPMS “LR308”  .308 with 1-20rd magazine and Leupold VX4 3-9X40 Scope


Bushmaster “Carbon 15”, .223/5.56 with Bushnell 1X28 Trophy Red Dot


Windham Weaponry AR15, 5.56/ .223 with original 60’s  front stock, removable handle, sling

Has had 30 rounds through it    $995

Benelli Nova 12ga. pump shotgun, excellent condition!

2 3/4″, 3″ and 3 1/2″ shells, 28″ barrel with 2 extra chokes and sling


Argentina Mauser, model 1909, in .308  Nice condition!


Yimeng YL-12  12ga, pump shotgun with sling, extra round carrier and case

Like new condition,  2 3/4″


New England Arms 12ga single shot shotgun

Internally in great shape… externally… needs some work


Marlin model 60, made around 1975, .22LR, tube fed semi auto, in excellent condition




1903 Parker Bros. SXS 12 ga shotgun.  2 3/4″ Vulcan Steel barrels, can shoot light modern loads.

Gun is in excellent condition, action is tight, trigger pulls are crisp.  30″ barrels, 14″ LOP