Used Guns in the Shop Today

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Just got in some used guns, some are consignment…….

Got in 2 – Smith & Wesson model 5906 9mm stainless with 3-15rd magazines, these are LE trade ins. good to very good condition! $425

H&K USP. .45 with 2-12rd magazines, duty holster and light. great gun in excellent condition! $650

1970 Colt Huntsman, .22LR, 4.5” barrel with 1-10rd magazine, like new condition! $495

Here is one you don’t see everyday, and has excellent reviews on it! Norton Budischowsky TP70, .25 auto, stainless, excellent condition! $450

1971 Colt Police Positive Special, .38, like new condition! $495 !!

Taurus, 7 shot .22mag revolver, in excellent condition with holster! $395

Kimber! Compact Stainless .45 with leather holster and Kimber .22 Conversion kit, excellent condition! $850

US Carbine .30 cal, with Choate Folding Stock and sling, very good condition, with 1-15rd mag and 1-30 rd mag. $450