Used Guns in The Shop Today

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Just took in some nice used guns, and a bunch of ammo, that I have priced very competitively…….

By Monday afternoon, I should have the new Ruger 57 and the new Ruger LCP in .22 in the shop……

Remington Nylon 66, .22LR, mid 70’s, apache brown, good shooter! $250

Remington Nylon 66, .22LR, Black and Chrome, excellent condition…. $350

CBC Nylon, spinoff of the Remington, made in Brazil, .22LR, black on black, nice condition, good shooter… $195

Colt Police Positive, .32, 1910, good mechanically, I would shoot it…. and probably will ! $250

Interesting one: High Standard, double nine, double action, 9 shot revolver, good tight action, .22 $295

Early 70’s Remington Mohawk 10C, Apache Brown, .22 semi auto with one magazine $225