Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

52 and cloudy this morning with W 5ft@13 sec’s and SE winds 5-10mph, no rain yet, but it is on the way. Water temp at 55, low tide was at 4:29am, sunrise at 7:59am and high tide at 10:47am. This afternoon WNW 3-4ft@ 13 sec’s with SSE winds 15-20mph, high of 55 and 80% chance of rain. Low tide at 5:13pm. Tonight WSW 8ft@11 sec’s with SE winds 10-15mph, low of 55 and cloudy, sunset at 5:59am and high tide at 11:14pm.

Wednesday: WSW 7-8ft@ 11sec’s with E winds 10-15mph, 54/61 and 80% chance of rain
Thursday: WSW 13ft@ 12 sec’s with SW winds 25-30mph, 48/57 and 100% chance of rain.

King Tides are beginning:

King Tide Schedule
-November 5-7
-December 3-5
-January 1-3

Use extreme caution near the coastline and never turn your back to the ocean. Added below are some links several King Tide and Sneaker Wave videos mostly in the Cannon Beach area.

The cute little Elk were around all night….. funny, cute little (large) piles of green sludge around the driveway…. had to wait a bit to take Amy for her morning walk…. Elk and dogs don’t do well…….. this reminds me that I have some Elk steaks in the freezer ….. UMMMM sounds like a good idea!