Thursday Morning

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Made the run to the city and back…. traffic sucks….. but then most of you already know that…… The shops will be closed today from 9:30am to about 1pm… yep, more doc stuff….. and, looks like it is going to get real nasty this afternoon. This morning West swell 8.5ft@ 7.5-13 sec’s with SSE winds 5-10mph, 45 and cloudy with light rain. Water temp at 49.6, high tide at 6:13am, sunrise at 7:53am. This afternoon, “IT” starts…. W 8-10ft@ 12 sec’s with S winds 25-35++mph, high of 53, with 100% chance of wind and rain. HIGH WIND WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 4 PM THIS AFTERNOON TO 4 PM PST FRIDAY NEAR BEACHES AND HEADLANDS… * WHAT…South winds 35 to 45 mph with gusts up to 65 mph expected near beaches and headlands. * WHERE…Beaches and headlands along the North and Central Coast of Oregon. * Tonight WSW 8-10ft@12 sec’s with SSW winds 25-35++mph gusts 50+mph, low of 48, and 100% chance of wind and rain. Low tide at 12:28pm , sunset at 4:32pm and high tide at 6:10pm. Stay safe!! To our first responders…. CYA!

Friday: WSW 15ft@ 12 sec’s with SSW winds 20-30++mph, low of 43, high of 51, 100% chance of rain and wind
Saturday: SW 12-15ft@ 13 sec’s with WNW winds 5-10mph, 40/48, clouds and 80%
Sunday: W 8-10ft@ 15 sec’s with S winds 5-10mph, 38/48, clouds and 40% pm
Monday: W 7-8ft@ 14 sec’s with ESE winds 5-10mph, 36/48, partly cloudy and 20%
Tuesday: WNW 5-6ft@ 14 sec’s with ESE winds 5-10mph, 38/47, mostly cloudy and 20%
Wednesday , Christmas Day,: W 15ft@15 sec’s with ESE winds 5-10mph, 38/48, clouds and 40%