This weeks river report ….

Saturday, April 23, 2022

The house keeps moving forward…. this week, water temp is 38.5, and the river is running at 4220 feet per second…. weather has been just about everything…. sunny, morning cold… some wind and rain. I was asked recently by a friend if my stress level is more or less since the move. Honestly, we have had some high stress times, a few kicks in the gut, but overall, we are both glad we made the move…. this wlll be th 4th week of retirement… honestly, I am looking forward to getting set up in the house with a smaller version of our gun shop. And from some of the conversations with the people we have met, they are looking forward to it as well. I do miss flipping shit to our friends, and we have received some really nice notes….. got a real nice one from Matt Phillips…. I could fill a email with just the first names of those that we think about. The contractor and his subs have been great about explaining what they are doing…. I grew up in the construction business as a young man, but that was 50 years ago….. watching what these guys do to me is amazing! Different building tactics from S Cal, Or. coast and Montana….. every day is a learning experience!

View from our future bedroom

Fire and a glass of wine…. then it rained….LOL

4 Truck loads of dirt for the back fill

Maria’s 2 new best friends…. Neighbor dogs…. Lefty and Hank….

River side of the house

Unloading the Trusses

View from the living room

Getting the garage slab ready….