Sunday Morning

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Yes….. a boat washed up on the beach last night. The people were rescued on Friday Night by the Coast Guard, and last night it came ashore. No one was hurt…. BUT….. It is NOT LEGAL to go and LOOT the boat! It is on State Park property, and falls under the Oregon State Police Jurisdiction….. The family that owns it is making arrangements to have it removed, and currently they are getting as much of their personal property off the boat before the “lowlifes” start to take souvenirs…… not cool!!

West swell 9.2ft@ 8-10 sec’s with light NNW winds, 39 and cloudy with a few sprinkles. Water temp at 46.2. High tide was at 3:45am, sunrise at 6:53am and low tide at 10:50am. This afternoon W 6ft@14 sec’s with NNW winds 5-10mph, high of 47 and sunny, high tide at 5:03pm. Tonight WNW 7ft@14 sec’s with W winds 5-10mph, low of 40, clouds and 70% chance of rain late. Sunset at 6:03p and low tide at 10:03pm. The last 2 posts, I have put some blatantly false info on the forecasts…. seems that only one person noticed, so, just going to do a daily….. I will post Monday’s, as I will be up in the city for an appt. early…… open the shop by 1p or so……

Monday: WNW 7ft@12 sec’s with SW winds 10-15mph, high of 48, cloudy and 90% chance of rain. Low tide at noon, high tide at 6:32pm.