Saturday Morning

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Oh, she is still quite the angry ocean this morning……… but, at least the winds have dropped off… Today is Winter Solstice, and one of my little sisters Birthday…. Happy Birthday Lisa!! Still haven’t hit the magic of Social Security ….At 8:19pm tonight is the official time of the Winter Solstice, shortest day of the year….… 45, clouds and light rain this morning with WSW 10.8ft @ 9.4-12 sec’s , water temp at 50, low tide was at 1:34am, and sunrise at 7:54am, high tide at 8am…… still flooding over on 101 between the 26 junction and Seaside…..more rain today. This afternoon high of 47, with WSW swell 10-12ft@ 122 sec’s and light NW Winds, 90% chance of more rain. Low tide at 2:47p. Tonight WSW 10ft@ 12 sec’s with light SSE winds, low of 40, clouds and 20% chance of rain, sunset at 4:33p and high tide at 8:49pm
No surf report for Sunday, we will be closed……

Sunday (closed): W 8-10ft@ 14 sec’s with NNE winds 5-10mph, low of 39, high of 47, clouds and 50% chance of rain in the PM
Monday: W 7-8ft@ 15 sec’s with S winds 5-10mph, 35/48, partly cloudy and 20%
Tuesday: W 4-5ft@ 13 sec’s with SSE winds 5-10mph, 39/46, clouds and 50%
Wednesday, Christmas Day, closed: WNW 10-12ft@ 14 sec’s with SSW winds 5-10mph, 38/48, clouds and 40%
Thursday: WNW 10-12ft@ 14 sec’s with SSW winds 5-10mph, 42/47, clouds and 40%
Friday: WNW 12-15ft@ 15 sec’s with S winds 5-10mph, 43/49, clouds and 40%