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New Guns






Call us at 503-436-0475 but , don’t be surprised when we answer the phone “Cannon Beach Surf”…….Just ask for Mark


Mark and Sandy are certified Glock Armorers, so bring in your Glock for a check up, servicing or repair.
If you would like to receive emails on specials and updates, send us a request via email, and we will add you to the list!

Gun Owner Transfers  $25
Be sure and ask about our LE and Military Discounts!
We are a Glock “Blue Label”Dealer for LE / Military and Fire

We also represent Smith & Wesson for LE / Fire and Military Sales!

If you are a Military buyer, please be sure and bring with you your ID, and Travel Orders.  If you are living off base, bring in a utility bill or other mail with your address on it. (If you don’t have an Oregon ID)

We welcome special orders!!


We do offer 30% discount on Benchmade Knives to all First Responders and Military!

Tee Shirts now available in the shop or give us a call, we ship!  Sizes S  to 3X    $20

Hoodies    S – 3X   $40

Page last updated on 1-22-20

All of our Glock pistols are new from the factory and include a hard, plastic Glock case, 2 magazines, a Glock cleaning rod, a Glock cleaning brush, Glock magazine speed loader, a cable lock, instruction manual, and fired casings.

Rock Island Armory 1911

.45acp,  1-8rd magazine            $450

ATI “Titan” Compact 1911, .45acp with2-7rd magazines


Glock 21, gen 4, .45acp  with 3-13rd magazines


Glock 30 gen4, .45acp with 3-10rd magazines


Springfield Armory XDM 3.8 .40, with 3-16rd magazines  (consignment)


Glock 20, gen 4, 10mm,  3-15rd magazines


Glock 29, gen 4, 10mm with 3-10rd magazines


  Glock 41 Gen 4, longer slide, better accuracy!

3-13rd magazines and adjustable grips, .45acp


Glock 22, gen 4, .40S&W with 3-15rd magazines


Sig Sauer P229R, .40, with one 12 rd magazine  (Consignment, purchased new in 2010, still new in the box!)


Glock 23, Gen 3, .40 with 1-13rd and 1-15rd magazine and “Grip Glove”  (Consignment)


Glock 27 gen 4,  .40 S&W with 3-9 rd magazines


Sig Sauer P290, 9mm with 3-10rd mags and 1-7rd mag, night sights, Sig Sauer Laser and stainless guide rod (consignment)


Glock 19X, 1-17rd magazine and 2-19 round mags, night sights  9mm


Glock 17, Gen 5 MOS, 9mm with 3-17rd magazines.  Can add a red dot!


Glock 17 Gen 5, 9mm with 3-17rd magazines


Glock 26  9mm   GEN 3, with 1-10rd and 1-15rd magazine  (consignment)


 NEW! Glock 45, Gen 5, 9mm with 3-17rd magazines.


Sig Sauer P290 9mm, with 2-10rd magazines, 1-7rd magazine , Sig Laser, and holster  . (consignment)


Springfield Armory  Hellcat   9mm with 2-11rd magazines, front night sight


Sig Sauer P229R, E2, Slite, 9mm with night sights and 3-15rd magazines  (consignment)


Sig Sauer P320C,  9mm with night sights, 3.9″ barrel, 2-15 rd and 1-17rd magazine, and holster!


( This gun was previously owned, but never fired or out of the box)

New! Glock 48!  9mm, with 2-10rd magazine, single stack!

With Ameriglo Night Sights


Glock 48, black slide, 9mm with 2-10rd magazines


American Tactical M1911 GI, 9mm with one 7rd magazine


Glock 19, Gen 4, 9mm with 3-15rd magazines.


Glock 26 gen 5, 9mm with 3-10rd magazines


H&K P2000SK, V3, 9MM, 3.26″ BARREL



Sig Sauer P365, 9mm with 2 10rd mags


Sig Sauer P 365  12 rd magazines


Glock 43,  9mm with 2- 6rd magazines


Glock 43X,  silver slide or black slide, 9mm with 2-10rd magazines


Walther PPS M2, 9mm  1-6rd mag, 1-7rd mag


Ruger SR9C, 9mm with 1-10 rd mag, and 1-17rd mag


Canik 9mm with 2-19 rd magazines and paddle holster


Keltec P11, 9mm with 1-10rd magazine


Mossberg (yes, their first pistol!) MC1, 9mm with 1-6rd and 1-7rd magazine


SCCY,  CPX-2 9mm with stainless slide, and 2-10rd magazines


NEW!    Ruger 57,  5.7X28, with  2- 20rd magazines and hi vis front sight!


Ruger GP100,  .357 mag, Stainless 


Smith & Wesson M340PD, Air Lite 5 shot revolver, .357mag

Scandium Titanium Frame


Colt “Night Cobra” 6 round, double action .38sp +P, with front night sight


Smith & Wesson 637, Air weight , stainless, .38 with Pink or Black Grips


Taurus “Spectrum”  .380, with 2-6rd magazines


Kahr CW 380 


Glock 42,  .380,  with 2-6rd magazines


Keltec PMR-30,  .22 magnum, with 2-30rd magazines


NEW!  Ruger “Lite Rack” LCPII, .22LR , with one 10 rd magazine and pocket holster


Sig Sauer .22 adapter slide with magazine   (consignment)


Dead Air model “Mask HD”   .22 Silencer   (NFA rules apply)


Sig Sauer P938, .22LR, with one 10rd magazine

Rosewood grips


Ruger “Wrangler”  .22, single action, 6 shot


New Palmetto Arms complete upper with original 60’s M-16 grips and butt stock!


Aero Precision Handguard, with barrel nut


Aero Precision Stripped Lower Receiver


Aero Precision Complete Lower Receiver  .223 / 5.56


Remington 870 Tac 14, with 1-6rd magazine

“Pump Pistol”   12ga.


Nosler model 48, Non Typical.  .325WSM….  Made in Bend, Or.  (New in the Box but previously owned)

Walnut Stock…. one Beautiful Gun!!


Tikka T3X,   .270WSM,  Stainless with synthetic stock


Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II, .223 /5.56 with 1-30rd magazine

Leupold VX-2  1-4X20 scope


Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II, 5.56 with Magpul Mlok hand guard, 1-30rd Magpul Magazine and Magpul flip up rear sight


Smith & Wesson M&P 15,  5.56 / .223with Magpul flip up rear sight, 1-30rd mag, and Soft Bag


Bushmaster AR15 with Red Dot, 5.56 / .223,  1-30rd magazine


Standard MFG,  STD15, 5.56 with Magpul front grip, 1:8 twist 1-30rd magazine , ” Flat Top”


Henry Carbine, .22MAG, with peep sights and large loop.  Also comes with some Hi Viz sights that can be mounted.


Marlin, model XT-22SR, Stainless  .22LR

Bolt Action  $335

Sale!  $275

Mossberg “Blaze”, .22LR semi-auto with 2-10rd magazines


Ruger 10/22, Gray Polymer stock, .22LR, 1-10rd magazine and BSA “Sweet 22” 3-9-40 Scope


New Frontier .40 S&W complete upper   $395

New Frontier complete Lower Reciever  ,  Glock .40 magazine  $350

Smith & Wesson M&P 10,  .308

1-20rd magazine & Quad Rail!



Mossberg 930, 12ga, semi auto