New and Used In The Shop Today

New and Used In The Shop Today

Another busy week in the old shop……just got some stuff in today, and the last couple of day…… 9mm…yea, I know, same as the .380, almost impossible to get. I do have a small amount of Blazer Brass 147gr 9mm…. have to limit sales to 2 at a time…. I hate that, but otherwise, I know some folks would grab it all…… I did get over 1000rds of .223, 55gr FMJ from Black Hills, along with more of the Match Grade 308. Been a tough year around here to try to take care of everyone…..

Smith & Wesson M&P15, .223/5.56, 1-30rd mag, CTC red dot…. $750

Consignment! Springfield M1 Garand, 30.06, 1956-57, immaculate condition, $1500, with 352 rounds and clips, $1800

Slightly used Smith & Wesson model 38-1, .38special with recessed hammer, 5 shot, this gun has spent the last 25 years in its box in a gun safe $550

New Ruger EC9S, 9mm with one 7rd magazine $325

Glock 45, 9mm, 3-17rd magazines, MOS $675

Canik TP9SFX 9mm with 2- 18rd magazines and holster $550

ATI Calvary 12ga, 3” over and under $495

Stag Arms, Stag 10, .308, full float rail, 1-20rd and 1-10rd magazine $1695

Slightly Used Kimber “Carry Pro”, .45acp with holster $895

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