New and Used in the Shop Today

Sunday, April 26, 2020

It has been an extremely busy few weeks….. and, the back shelf of long guns is just about full again. I had a customer bring in some really nice guns that his dad owned, but is time to sell. I also picked up some new and used guns, with still more on the way in. I have a fairly good supply of ammo, 9mm , .223 and 5.56 being the toughest to get. Black Hills has been great in getting me some ammo for the different calibers, and again, I do have more on the way. Cheap Bulk ammo is still tough to find.

Used, in excellent condition, Nikko, made in Japan 20ga. over and under, with full choke on top and modified under. This is model EVB720. Years ago, Nikko produced for Winchester the model 101, this looks like a clone of that model……. $495

Browning “BSS”, 12ga Side by Side Shotgun. 1975, excellent condition! Made in Japan, assembled in Korea, LH barrel NP12, 28 *, RH NP12 28** 2 3/4” & 3” $1495

Browning model 2000, semi auto 12ga, with 2 barrels and the “Browning Suit Case”, Made in Belgium, assembled in Portugal in 1974.
First barrel: #070910, 2 3/4 12ga ** 28”, Second barrel, (never used) #089632 12ga, 3” mags, 28” , $895

Used, in excellent condition… Weatherby Vanguard, 1980, made in Japan, 300WinMag $895

Used, and interesting! Kriege Skorte & Co. from Stuttgart, Germany, .22LR semi auto target rifle with an older CarlZeiss CIAPI-D 2 1/2 X 17.5 Scope. 1-10rd magazine $595

Winchester model 70, 30-06, used , iron sights, nice gun! 1990, $450

Savage Axis used, but very little! .270 with Nikon 3-9X40 scope $325

New, Stag Arms “Stag15”, 5.56, .223, flat top with 1-30rd magazine $795

Used, or better said, has had a prior owner. Was carried concealed, so just shows some holster wear, but never fired, Sig Sauer P229
9mm, night sights, 2-15rd mags, holster $695