Monday morning

Monday, December 23, 2019

Missed yesterday’s surf report, took the morning to drive up to Centralia, Wa and meet our son and daughter in law for breakfast….. Dannielle found a great rest. there, Berry Fields…. if you happen to get up that way, stop in….. great food!! nice and casual!!….. And, back from the I-5 roadie fun….. This morning , about 36 and partly cloudy with no rain. West swell 5.9ft@ 8.4-11 sec’s with light S winds, water temp at 48.6. Low tide was at 3:28am, sunrise at 7:55am, and high tide at 9:36am. This afternoon W 6-7ft@ 11 sec’s with light SSW winds, high of 47, partly cloudy and 10% chance of rain. This evening W 6-7ft@ 11 sec’s with SE winds 5-10mph, low of 36, mostly cloudy and 10% chance of rain, sunset at 4:34pm, minus low tide at 4:39p and high tide at 10:54pm.
As you could have guessed, yes, we will be closed on Wednesday, Christmas Day……. back open on Thursday…..

Tuesday, Christmas Eve, open until about 3:30p, WNW swell 4-5ft@ 11 sec’s with SSE winds 10-15mph, low of 38, hgih of 44, clouds and 70% chance of rain.
Wednesday, Christmas Day: WNW 10-12ft@ 14 sec’s with E winds 5-10mph, 32/48, partly cloudy and 20%
Thursday: WNW 10ft@14 sec’s with light ENE winds, 35/46, partly cloudy and 10%
Friday: W 6-7ft@ 15 sec’s with light E winds, 38/47, partly cloudy and 10%
Saturday: WNW 7-8ft@ 12 sec’s with SSES winds 43/50, clouds and 20%
Sunday: W 10ft@12 sec’s with S winds 10-15mph, 45/50, clouds and 50%