Monday Morning

Monday, June 28, 2021

It has been one hell of a busy weekend in Cannon Beach….. wasn’t safe to take the dog for a walk, so we just hunkered down here at the house…… Sunday was hot… damn hot! Pretty nice sitting under the tree with a nice breeze, then by around 5, no breeze and just hot…… this morning, love it!! About 59 with the marine layer, WSW 4.3ft@ 7.3-12 sec’s with SSW winds 5-10mph, water temp at 57.9. High tide was at 2:42am, sunrise at 5:28am and minus low tide at 9:51am. This afternoon, W 3-4ft@ 11 sec’s with SSW winds 15-20mph, high of 68 and partly cloudy and high tide at 4:37pm. Tonight W 3ft@10 sec’s with S winds 10-15mph, low of 61 and partly cloudy with sunset at 9:10p and low tide at 10pm .

Tuesday : WNW 3ft@10 sec’s with SSW winds 10-15mph, 59/66 and sunny
Wednesday: WNW 5ft@ 9 sec’s with NW winds 10-15mph, 57/66, partly cloudy