Monday Morning

Monday, March 29, 2021

37 and a few sprinkles this morning, W 12.5ft@ 8.2-11 sec’s with NW Winds 10-15mph, water temp is 47.8, sunrise was at 6:58am and low tide at 7:21am. This afternoon WNW 10ft@11 sec’s with NW winds 20-25mph, high of 46 and partly cloudy with high tide at 1:26pm. Tonight WNW 10ft@ 11 sec’s with NNW winds 10-15mph, low of 41 and partly cloudy, low tide at 7:32pm and sunset at 7:40pm.
Yesterday was a wild one….. made the mistake of doing the “costco” run…… coming back, wind and rain with traffic backed up to Gearhart and bumper to bumper until we hit the 26/101 junction….. WTF…… felt like summer time traffic, except for the weather……. and, can the folks at costco get any more rude?????

Tuesday: WNW 6-7ft@ 10 sec’s with NW winds 5-10mph, 37/48, partly cloudy
Wednesday : NW 3-4ft@9 sec’s with NNW winds 10-15mph, 43/61 and sunny