Last couple of days, what has arrived

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Seems as soon as I get some toys in the shop, and get the pictures ready to send out….. poof….. SOLD……. Here is what we have received so far this week…. more on the way I am told……

DelTon DTI15, 5.56 with 1-30rd mag and full float rail. $595

Black Hills 9mm….. 115gr FMJ, 115 JHP+P, 124gr JHP, 100gr Honey Badger +P

LE Trade in Glock 19, gen 4 , 9mm with 3-15rd magazines $450

New Glock 44, 22LR with 2-10rd magazines $395, Threaded Barrel $175

Used, Consignment Smith & Wesson model 27-2, .357mag, 4” barrel, damn nice! $695

Used, Consignment Sig P229, .40S&W, with 3-12 rd magazines, $550

New Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard .38 +P, with CTC laser $525

Used, on Consignment, Auto Ordinance 1911 A1, 1-8rd magazine $450

Slightly used, on consignment, Walther P22, .22LR with 2- 10 rd magazines $295

coming in soon… probably next week 2 of these Stevens/ Savage 20ga shotguns, will sell for around $300

I also have another Ruger PC Charger, 9mm pistol coming in as well. Still out there is a Japanese 7.7 Arisaka WW-2 Rifle with some ammo, and a Winchester Model 70, 30-06 rifle…. Got in a bunch of 30 and 42 rd AR magazines as well.