Friday River Report

Friday, May 13, 2022

And life goes on here in Libby, Mt……. Building is progressing, getting the roof waterproof, with some wind, caused a bit of a problem……Last picture…LOL…. River still running high around 13,000 cubic feet per second, and the 4 goose families are still hanging around. I did an attempt at fishing the inside river…. you can see the results on my facebook page….. met with the plumbers, heating / AC guy, and the electrician to decide where to put “stuff”…. cabinets and windows could still be out 3-4 months…. sucks! Thanks JOE!…but, we did have our first cocktails in the building. Full moon pic over the river…. from early this morning. Maria had 3 deer near the trailer when she stepped out early this am…..