Friday Morning

Friday, January 7, 2022

35 and windy this morning , SSW 15.7ft@ 8-11 sec’s with WSW winds 20-30mph, water temp at 49.8, high tide was at 3:53am, sunrise at 7:56am and low tide at 9:38am. This afternoon, WSW 11ft@9 sec’s with SSW winds 30-40+, high of 43 and cloudy, high tide at 3:10pm. Tonight SW 11ft@10 sec’s with SSW winds 40-50+mph, low of 41 and 50% chance of rain, sunset at 4:48p and low tide at 9:54pm.

Saturday: W 15ft@ 12 sec’s with W winds 15-20mph, 38/46 and 40% chance of rain
Sunday:W 4-5ft@ 14 sec’s with E winds 5-10mph, 38/52 and partly cloudy

Went in to the SS Clinic for a check up yesterday…. must say, it was like old home week, my all time favorite nurse Lynell, my favorite counter person Tanya, and my favorite Nurse Practitioner Jennifer….. sometimes it is really nice to walk into a hospital, and spend the first 15-20 minutes catching up with my favorite people that work there!!