Friday, Christmas Eve

Friday, December 24, 2021

Happy Christmas Eve! I will be closed around noon or so…… depends…. 35 and drizzle this morning, WNW 13.5ft@ 8-11 sec’s with WNW 10-12mph winds, water temp at 50.5, high tide was at 4:03am, sunrise at 7:56am and low tide at 9:13am. This afternoon WNW 16ft@ 13 sec’s with W winds 25-35mph, high of 42 and 50% chance of rain, high tide at 2:32pm. Tonight, Santa Claus comes! WNW 13ft@13 sec’s with WSW winds 20-25mph, low of 39 and 60% chance of rain, sunset at 4:35p and low tide at 9:44pm.

Saturday, Christmas Day, I will be closed until Monday. WNW 10ft@13 sec’s with WSW winds 10-15mph, 32/40, and 80% chance of rain
Sunday: WNW 11ft211 sec’s with NW winds 10-15mph, 24/35, 90% chance of snow
Monday 19/33, 50% chance of Snow….