Early Arisaka Type 99, 7.7 with ALL The Accessories

Saturday, January 25, 2020

One of our local guys brought in this gun that he wants to sell…….. I have seen a lot of Type 99’s, I have one…. but this one is all original with things I had not seen before!
Arisaka Type 99, early model, 39-40, 7.7 X 49, 5 round magazine, 25” barrel, 44” total length (first ones were 45” and not as good)
Has the early model bolt dust cover
Full Chrysanthemum on the barrel… (Rare, as these were ground off before the guns were surrendered)
Chrome plated bore, in great condition
Type 30 Bayonet
Monopod…. first time I have seen one still on the rifle!
2 original Leather ammo pouches, with 12 clips of what looks like original ammo…!
“Anti Aircraft” rear sight.

He is asking $1295 for it….. that is one great price!